Aluminum Hood Latch with Safety Hook

A hood latch that will really add detail to the engine compartment. CNC-machined aluminum housings feature ball milled lines to enhance the surface of the latch. The stainless latch pin is threaded for adjustment, with a tube to hide the threads after adjustment is made. To add to the clean appearance, the release springs and safety hook spring are hidden. The bottom latch slide is stainless with an easy cable hook-up. Also provided in the housing is a built-in, machined cable housing clamp that anchors the cable housing to the latch body. Designed for cars with front-opening hoods, this latch is available in satin or polish finish. Select from the pulldown menu below.
Stainless screws and instructions are provided; pull cable assemblies available.

Aluminum Trunk Latch

This aluminum trunk latch matches our Aluminum Hood Latch, except it has no safety hook. The latch has all the features of the hood latch, so it's perfect for those who want to detail their cars by having a matching latch on either end. Available in satin or finish. Select from the pulldown menu below when ordering.


Sachse Hinge Kit

These hinges are excellent for cars with front opening style hoods. Their geometry allows the hood to move forward away from the firewall as the hood lifts.