Suicide Door Safety Pin Kits are a necessity for safety on cars with suicide doors, and they install easily with two screws. The body is machined aluminum with stainless steel slide pin and knob shaft.

Kits include plastic snap-in dress bushings for door jambs, stainless stell screws and instructions. Black knobs are included (specify).

A micro-switch is built in for wiring a dash warning light or beeper to alert you that a door has not been latched. Slide pin is spring loaded in both the in and out position, so it won't vibrate out of position. Kits are available for Ford, Plymouth/Dodge and GM vehicles. Specify car make and model with order.


Electric Suicide Door Safety Pin Kits combine convenience with safety and security. A manual release knob is provided should electric operation fail. Our basic kit includes two safety pins without switches. These are intended to be used as door locks actuated by remotes to lock the doors from the outside or inside. Our deluxe kit includes switches and wiring pigtails to be used instead of remotes to actuate the pins from the inside to act as safety pins. All kits include snap in dress bushings for both the door and post, stainless screws, and instructions.


Warning Lights and Beepers

Options for Suicide Door Safety Kits warn that a door is unlatched. Lights may also be used for turn signal and hi-beam indicators. The large lights are 5/16" in diameter and are available in red, green, blue, and amber, The small lights are 5/32" in diameter and are available in red, green, and amber.


Aluminum Knobs

Optional aluminum knobs replace the standard plastic knobs in Suicide Door Safety Pin Kits. Machined from aluminum stock with a ball-milled line for accent and a satin or polished finish, they blend well with other aluminum interior accessories. Size is approximately 3/4" by 1 5/8".


Speed Lok 10 Module

This module will send a lock signal to your doors at between 5 and 10 miles per hour. In some cases, this may be slightly higher depending on the make of the gages you are using. Speedometer must be electric. This module can be used to lock you latches (latches must be lockable style) or to lock our suicide door safety pins. The kits comes with relays and wiring instructions.